Reprinted with permission. This news story derives from a live,worldwide broadcast edition of American Success Stories---originating from the studios of KWRD 94.9 in Dallas, Texas.

The music of the heart

"The Rio Grande runs with a deep rhythm,"
says Hewlett Crist, "as does the music of life"

Longings of the soul

   In a continuing series, "Lifeinsights" American    Success Stories interviews notable men and women from all walks of life.
As one who, in his own words, "Listens to the music of life." Hewlett Crist has become the "voice of the heart" to fans of his captivating "Rio Grande" music.
"Deep, haunting connection to the soul....," they say.

By Bob Roundtree
National Bureau of American Success Stories
allas, TX Hewlett Crist was featured recently on a live broadcast of American Success Stories, originating from the Dallas/Fort Worth-based studios of 100,00-watt KWRD the WORD 94.9 FM.    In a wide-ranging interviews---also heard in live simulcast worldwide on Crist addressed the phenomenon his "Rio Grande" music has caused in the lives of fans and even unsuspecting first-time listeners.

Where the Heart is

   Your music has been referred to as "the voice of the heart." What does that mean?

   "I believe everyone's heart has a voice. The lives of my listeners are filled with the memories and feelings of their lifetimes---the same as me. We relate.
   "I remember the hot sun on my body as a young child in Laredo, Texas, the pleasant memories as a young man living in Juarez, Mexico, and the high desert mountains of the southwest as voices in my heart that are expressed musically."

     Hewlett Crist was featured recently on a live broadcast of American Sucess Stories.
     Mr. Crist had brought his compelling "Rio Grande" songs to the Dallas-Fort Worth area much to the delight of his fans.

   What is the "music of life"? "In each rhythmic mile of the Rio Grande, we feel both the enchantment and the awe of a deep mystery that at times can only be explained musically.
 "The music of life" rolls on in much the same fashion as the Rio Grande. Sometimes a puddle of uncertainty.

The Spring Floods

   "But then the spring floods swell its banks and we feel alive again as the river follows its course while changing it's dynamic.
   "Remembering, as I so easily do, the twists and turns of my own life, it seems that as I express those various moments musically, they also touch others---those who seem to readily identify with what those moments mean to me."
   Who buys your music? "I find myself looking into the eyes of people of all ages. The young listen with a sense that the drama of life is unfolding for me."

"Those in the middle years of life are wrestling with the longings of the soul for deeper satisfaction. They feel 'at home' they say and can listen to the music for hours on end. "And satisfaction is probably the main word I see in the faces of my older friends. Listening and reminiscing on a lfe well-spent, a youth remembered for it's quiet puddles and its raging currents and, now, a search for peace, a time when life is more settled and rolling surely onto its own Gulf of Mexico."

   Your music is considered very spritual. Why? "The human soul is moved by things majestic, our spirits are elevated as we ponder the mysteries of life and the magnificence of our Creator.

"In each rhythmic mile of the Rio Grande, we feel both the enchantment and the awe of a deep mystery that can only be answered in music."
---Hewlett Crist commenting on the personal impact of his "Rio Grande" music

"I composed the Rio Grande songs out of gratitude for the gift of music the Creator has given me. I know how often I am moved by feelings of adoration as I perform the music.

A river of melodies

"I see all around me the lives of so many people living the melodies of their lives or searching for a melody to live. "The Rio Grande runs deep with the melodies of life."

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